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Please fill in the information below and we will send you an email when we have a slot opens up in the gps-Speaker Mastermind group.  

Next opening... March 31st, 2015
We typically look at our enrollment every few months and if we can accommodate more members, we offer the slots first to those that have signed up for this email list before we make it available to the general public.  The gps-Speaker Mastermind Group gets together at least once a month either on a conference call or, if possible, in person.  We discuss what is working and what challenges we are facing.  One member per month is given the opportunity to access the collective experience of the group and present their toughest challenge or biggest opportunity to the group for feedback and ideas.

The cost for membership has been increasing each year as demand grows but we work hard to come up with payment plans that work if someone is dedicated to improving their speaker business and really wants to become part of the program.  It is not cheap and if you aren't ready to invest, we suggest signing up for our BizBuilder subscription service.  It will help you get some great ideas to grow your business at a much lower cost, but without access to the Mastermind Group.  If you are ready for the "big leagues", I am sure you will find a way to pay for the Mastermind Group when a slot opens up for you.

Remember, You write your own Success Story...
We have had speakers go from giving free speeches at Rotary clubs to charging as much as $20,000 USD for a multi-day speaking/training engagement and while we can't guarantee these type of results (because there is definitely work involved) we are proud of how our program has helped speakers grow their businesses.  The Mastermind Group can provide the ideas but you have to implement them.  Are you ready to write your own Speaker Success Story?
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